LED piano design


Hand-Fabricated Acrylic Body

The body curvature was traced from the Baldwin baby grand piano William grew up playing on. Thermoformed to a mold in a giant oven. The rest of the piano with the exception of the light board was done by hand with table router in Bill Conelius's shop in Marble Falls, TX. 


The Luminescent Grand uses ws2812 series pixels that are factory produced by Fun House productions. Those pixels were chosen because of their check-sum ability which prevents EMF interference. The light board that all of the pixels sit in was drilled by a CNC machine. Each pixel was hand placed after the holes were drilled.

Arduino DUE

The Arduino Due was chosen because of its 96Mhz and 32bit processor. At the time (2013) this was the best processor we had found on the market.

Digital Keyboard

At this time the Luminescent Grand uses a Korg P-190 88 key digital keyboard with 5 pin MIDI out.  

LED Piano Program Demonstration

This video shows you the function of each color spectrum and light pattern we have designed so far for the piano.